Nutter, Green Find Common Ground

Today both Mayor Nutter and City Councilman Bill Green agreed on something -- they both know how to pick good staff.

Green aide Lauren Vidas is leaving his office to join the Nutter administration. And instead of complaining, Green took the high road. Today, on her last day in Council, Green praised her work over the past two years and wished her luck in her new gig.

"I just want to thank her for her service to City Council and look forward to working with her in her new role," Green said.

Nutter said that he was happy to welcome Vidas to his administration, where she'll be working for the Finance Director. So, should we take this show of goodwill as a sign of peace and harmony between the politicians, who often bump heads?

"I've talked with Councilman Green, obviously," Nutter said. "We had a really great conversation....Councilman Green and I have a tremendous amount of respect for each other professionally and personally."