Nutter Endorses Williams For DA

Mayor Nutter just officially endorsed Seth Williams, who yesterday won the District Attorney primary election.

"It's certainly a new day and we're going to have a new DA," Nutter said, echoing Williams' campaign message. At a press conference outside his City Hall office, Nutter pledged that if Williams was elected in the general election, the two would work together to make the city safer.

Nutter endorsed another candidate just before the primary -- former City Councilman Dan McElhatton, who came in third in the five-way DA race.

Williams faces Republican Michael Untermeyer in the November election.

In honor of the show of Democratic unity, Clout has written the following ditty:

Democrats are buddies, Democrats
Democrats are buddies, Democrats
Democrats are buddies, Democrats
Oh, buddy, Democrats

Someone ran for office, Democrats
Beat my guy for office, Democrats
Got a new guy for office, Democrats
Oh, buddy, Democrats

Republicans are coming, Democrats
General Election coming, Democrats
Party unity coming, Democrats
Oh, buddy, Democrat

Gotta make nice for voters, Democrats
Gotta convince the voters, Democrats
Gotta turn out the voters, Democrats
Oh, buddy, Democrats.