Nutter Doesn't Prep 30 Percent Reduction Scenario for Mayor's Office

We've been reviewing the scenarios prepared by city departments to show the impact of 10, 20 or 30 percent budget cuts on their operations. As we've reported before, these scenarios -- prepared to show the city's options for closing a $1 billion budget hole over five years -- show devastating reductions for departments like police, streets and libraries.

The mayor's office, which had a budget of $6.6 million after the fall budget cuts, also prepared scenarios.  They did a 10 percent and a 20 percent report, both of which include staff reductions and reorganization of units. But when it comes to 30 percent, they didn't do a scenario. The document just says "would require complete reorganization of Mayor's Office."

We asked Mayor Nutter why his own office didn't do all the scenarios.

"We'd have to almost close the mayor's office," Nutter said. "We'd have to take an entirely different look at the structure of the mayor's office at a 30 percent cut."

Nutter said his staff is still looking at the issue.