Nutter: 'Deeply Concerned' About Future of Papers

Mayor Nutter reacted to news that the Philadelphia Daily News and Inquirer had been sold to a group of senior lenders by saying he was "deeply concerned about the great folks who work there."

Nutter said he hoped both papers would continue to flourish.

"Both the Philadelphia Inquirer and the Daily News are award winning publications. Literally about a week ago, the Daily News received a Pulitzer prize for great investigative work by two of their reporters," Nutter said. "I've certainly had a long personal history with both papers, read both as a kid. It is very important. I think it is one of the fundamental tenants of what the United States is all about. Freedom of the press and having good accurate reporting in this day and time is critical to a well-functioning Democracy."

Nutter urged the new management to put "real newspaper people" in charge of the operations.