Nutter Confronts Tax Delinquent on Sidewalk

A press conference put on by Mayor Nutter in Center City this afternoon to single out three business tax delinquents turned dramatic when one of the delinquents confronted Nutter on the sidewalk.

Nutter appeared outside an office building at Broad and Chestnut streets to announce that the city plans to go after three lawyers who owed back business taxes by seizing their business assets and selling them at a sheriff's sale. Unless the trio -- who owe a collective $350,000 -- pay up by April 2, the city will sell their stuff to get the money, Nutter said.

After the announcment, one of the lawyers in question -- Robert Gamburg -- came outside.

"Did you bother to check to see if I'm trying to make payments to the city," asked Gamburg, who also questioned why he was being singled out.

Nutter's reply: "We picked this particular place, because it’s the place that we picked...You owe the city money, pay your taxes."

Last November, Nutter launched a more aggressive effort to collect back taxes. He said today that the city has collected $2.5 million in back business taxes so far. Read more about it here.