Nutter: City Will Not Pay For A Phillies Parade

Mayor Nutter today said the city has told the Phillies that if the team manages to win the World Series, the city will not help pay for a parade.

"We have communicated that should there be an event of that type, money will have to be raised or costs paid external to the city," Nutter said.

Previously, Nutter had hedged on the parade issue. Last year, the city paid just over $1 million in police overtime, street cleaning and medical service for the victory romp down Broad Street, according to the mayor's press office. The cost was lessened by $300,000 contributed by about 22 organizations.

But after the 2008 parade, the city implemented a policy requiring those who stage parades and festivals to pay the city for its security and clean-up expenses. That policy was implemented last year when the city had to cut more than $1 billion from its five-year financial plan.