Nutter Asks Obama Not to Forget Cities

Although President-elect Obama came to Philly today to talk with governors about federal aid for states,  Mayor Nutter made sure to remind him that cities are hurting too.

During an appearance on MSNBC today, Nutter said he spoke with Obama for a few minutes about the needs of cities.

"I like what President-elect Obama is doing with the governors.I just want to make sure that cities and municipalities are not left out as well," Nutter said. "We’re at the ground level. We fill potholes, we pick up trash....It is literally where the rubber meets the road. We just want to make sure there is federal support for us as well."

Nutter, who is currently slashing the city budget to make up a $1 billion shortfall over the next five years, has petitioned the feds to use some economic stimulus dollars to help cities.

Last month he traveled to Washington DC, to deliver a letter to the Treasury Department asking the federal government to provide loans and grants for city infrastructure projects, as well as loans to help shore up troubled municipal pension funds and ease city cash-flow problems. The mayors of Atlanta and Phoenix co-signed that letter.