Nutter won't let 'a--hole' shooter stain city's image

Mayor Nutter called this year’s Wawa Welcome America festivities an “overall resounding success for the city,” during a press conference in City Hall today, despite a double shooting near the Benjamin Franklin Parkway.

Chaos erupted near the Parkway yesterday after a 16 year-old boy shot a 17 year-old boy and a 19 year-old man. The shooting stemmed from a neighborhood dispute. Nutter said he wouldn't let the shooting stain the city’s image.

“I’m not gonna let some little asshole 16 year-old who had a beef with somebody a month ago up in Germantown negatively impact the image of the city,” he said, adding that most of the 500,000 people enjoying the festivities yesterday were unaware the shooting occurred.

“This is about personal responsibility and personal behavior,” Nutter said.

There were a total of nine arrests which included the 16 year-old shooter. The other arrests were for disorderly conduct and carrying a BB gun.