Nutter vetoes parking surcharge bill, parts of Finnigan Wake expansion proposal

Just days before City Council is set to return from its summer recess, Mayor Nutter sent veto notices to the legislative body today.

Nutter vetoed a bill sponsored by City Councilman Mark Squilla that would increase the fee on parking tickets to generate $4 million for maintaining recreation facilities and for operations of the Philadelphia Parking Authority Taxicab and Limousine Division.

In his letter, Nutter notes that the bill violates state law which requires that any parking revenues that exceed the base amount must be directed to the School District.

Nutter also vetoed one of two bills also sponsored by Squilla related to the controversial expansion of Finnigan’s Wake in Northern Liberties owned by Democratic committeeman Mike Driscoll that would have allowed for balconies above the sidewalk along Spring Garden Street. That portion of the proposal also would have dedicated the sidewalk to private use.