Nutter urges residents to get to safety

Calling the conditions outside “horrible,” Mayor Nutter says residents must get to safety before the bulk of the storm hits.

“It’s pretty rough. At the moment it’s not as bad as Irene, but it’s not here yet. It’s very windy,” Nutter said in the late afternoon, as he drove around the city to assess the situation. “The main message is stay inside, be safe, don’t come outside in this, it’s horrible. Keep looking out for each other."

Nutter said he didn’t know of any major injuries or fatalities so far due to the storm, but he said trees are coming down and the storm is picking up pace, with a surge expected overnight.

“This is possibly one for the record books. And that Philadelphia is directly in the path is unusual,” he said.

Since the storm has not fully landed yet, Nutter said he couldn’t put a price tag on what the response would cost the city. But he said the fact that President Obama has signed an emergency declaration for the state means that the city should expect reimbursement.

City government and schools will be closed again tomorrow due to the storm.