Nutter: Philly came through Sandy 'pretty well'

Mayor Nutter, who spent the morning touring storm damaged sites in Philadelphia, said the city's mission the day after Hurricane Sandy is "assessment, cleanup and restoration."

As he checked on sites like the once-flooded Delaware Avenue and a massive downed tree in Roxborough, Nutter said the city was coping well. Roughly 297 trees have come down so far and 380 people spent the night in shelters, according to city officials. But there are no reports of fatalities or major injuries.

"It could have been worse, but we came through it pretty well," Nutter said, stressing that rain is still falling and that there could be more damage before this is all over.

During a visit to the city's Emergency Operations Center, located in the basement of the Fire Administration Building at 2nd and Spring Garden streets, Nutter thanked the emergency personnel, who have been working round the clock to manage the city's storm response.

"It's because of what you do here, that's what gives us the confidence to do the things we do," Nutter said.

A more detailed announcement regarding schools and other cleanup details is expected later today. But Nutter was quick to dismiss questions about whether the storm would depress turnout at the polls on Election Day next Tuesday.

"The election is a week from now," Nutter said. "A week from now we won't be talking about Hurricane Sandy."