Nutter mum on rumors about Ackerman departure

Mayor Nutter remained mum today on rumors that embattled Arlene Ackerman may be soon reaching the end of the road as Schools Superintendent.

Today Nutter said simply, "That's a decision for the School Reform Commission to make. The School Reform Commission is in charge of operations at the School District."

On where he stands with Ackerman, Nutter said: "Dr. Ackerman is the Superintendent. I clearly supported her during her time and the many programs over at the School District."

Ackerman yesterday dared her bosses to make a move during her grand-stand yesterday at Lincoln High School auditorium where hundreds of School District principals gathered for the last of a three-day professional-development meeting.

During her speech she lambasted politicians – it isn't clear who – for "stooping down into the political sandbox and selling our children for a politician's victory."

Nutter said he had no idea who she was talking about.

"It doesn't have anything to do with me," he said. "I'm a great champion for children I think as you all know."

Rumors have swirled for days that there are efforts afoot to buy Ackerman out of her contract. Asked about talk that Nutter is privately supportive of finding an exit strategy for Ackerman, his spokesman Mark McDonald declined to comment.