Nutter looks over edge, jumps

Mayor Michael Nutter rappels down the face of the 31-story One Logan Square skyscraper at last year's "BUILDING ADVENTURE."

For the second year in a row, Mayor Nutter today rappelled down a Center City skyscraper to raise money for the organization Outward Bound. 

Nutter said he got some surprised looks from people working in One Logan Square, the 30-story building he shimmied down. 

"Some of the folks knew we were coming, but some definitely did not expect to see some guy in their window," Nutter said, laughing.

Outward Bound describes itself as "world’s oldest and largest adventure based education program." 

Participants raised $2,000 to rappel. Organizers hoped to bring in $250,000 through the event and had reached $200,000 by late morning. Last year, they raised $170,000.