Nutter backs Clarke's money-raising ideas

After Darrell Clarke became City Council’s new president political watchdogs and City Hall insiders wondered what type of relationship he and Mayor Nutter would have.

Well, so far, it appears to be pretty good.

Nutter praised Clarke for his money-raising ideas during his address at the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce Annual Mayoral Luncheon today.

“I agree that we need to think creatively about sources of revenue, non-tax revenue,” Nutter said. “Our partners in City Council, under the strong leadership of City Council President Darrell Clarke, recently came up with a list of ways to raise needed revenue for the City. One idea on that list was municipal asset sales.”

“Any proposal will require extensive analysis and due diligence, and I applaud City Council for championing the idea. My Administration is ready to work with City Council on it.”

Nutter added that a study of the possibility of selling PGW -a city-owned gas utility to a private entity would be released next week.

However, it's not yet clear if Nutter supports Clarke's other idea to permit advertising on city-owned buildings.

In his speech, Nutter also said there are renewed efforts --in partnership with Clarke to transform the neglected Divine Lorraine Hotel --an architectural landmark on Broad Street near Fairmount Avenue.

“There is renewed interest in the Divine Lorraine with our team –and City Council President Clarke –directly involved in the rebirth of this great Philadelphia building.”

Check out Nutter’s full address here.