Nutter administration releases documents related to building collapse

The Nutter adminsitration released today scores of documents related to the deadly Center City building collapse.

Previously the administration had refused to release some documents pointing to ongoing criminal investigations. 

Mayor Nutter and City Solicitor Shelley R. Smith have cut off access to some government records.

"The collapse of the building on 22nd and Market was the kind of tragedy that should never recur," said City Solicitor Shelley Smith in a news release. "Given its magnitude, we of course recognize the public interest in documents pertaining to events leading up to the collapse, but our responsibility to the citizens always requires that we balance the demand for information with the need to protect the integrity of critical investigations."

Smith said the District Attorney's Office notified the administration last week that the release of these documents would not compromise the grand jury investigation. 

The documents include email exchanges between the city and representatives for the building owner, health department records and more. Click here to check out the documents.