Nutter: Tax-hike talk is premature

Gov. Corbett’s proposed budget threatens the city’s social safety net and would endanger thousands of vulnerable Philadelphians.

So, what does the city plan to do about it? Could there be another property-tax hike on the horizon to deal with some of the cuts?

“Your question is tremendously premature and we’ve had no discussion about that,” Mayor Nutter told the Daily News today.

“We’ve been analyzing the governor’s budget which was introduced and we do not know at this point how as a city we would even try to deal with the magnitude of these cuts in the social safety net as well as to the School District and other parts of our budget,” Nutter said.

Last year City Council approved a property-tax hike for the second year in a row to help out the Philadelphia School District.

The Daily News reported this week that Corbett’s proposed cuts would affect mental-health, homeless and human-services programs and Nutter said he was concerned about the $40.9 million in cuts the city would be faced with.

“It will rip to shreds the social safety net here in the city of Philadelphia,” Nutter said. “Hundreds of people could find themselves homeless. Many who are presently receiving mental health services will literally not have a slot or not be in the care of those who can provide the best services for them and everyone in this city should be concerned, regular citizens, taxpayers, [and] the business community.”

“This budget if approved the way it was introduced will be a budgetary apocalypse for the city of Philadelphia and wreak havoc for many citizens.”