Number of Senior Officials With Take-Home Cars Drops

Given Mayor Nutter's insistence that City Council should give up their city-issued vehicles, we thought we'd better check to see how many of Nutter's own team still have take-home city cars.

As of today, only six top administration officials have take-home cars, according to Nutter's press office. Those still with cars include Deputy Mayor Everett Gillison, Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey, Fire Commissioner Lloyd Ayers and Prisons Commissioner Louis Giorla -- who all get vehicles because they must handle emergency situations.

The other two are assigned to Director of Behavioral Health Arthur Evans and Acting Diretor of Aviation Mark Gale. Evans is in the process of giving his car up and the press office couldn't confirm Gale's plans because he was out of town.

Some of the cars have been given up recently, said Nutter spokesman Luke Butler. Last year over 25 cabinet members and department heads had the option of a take-home car, although many passed on the opportunity.

Nutter himself is driven about town in a Chevy Tahoe Hybrid, which he bought with campaign dollars and donated to the city.