No Late Voting Tonight, Polls Will Close At 8 PM As Usual

Ellen Kaplan, vice president and policy director for the Committee of 70 just reported from Election Court that a motion to keep polling places open an extra hour tonight has been denied.

"Although the Judge was 'extremely sympathetic' to voters who are experiencing any inconvenience due to the SEPTA strike, the ruling was that 'there is just not enough of an undue burden or hardship shown' to 'overturn the statute,'" Kaplan emailed.

The Democratic City Committee, Mayor Nutter, District Attorney candidate Seth Williams, the Black Clergy of Philadelphia and Vicinity and the Philadelphia chapter of the NAACP had all asked for the one hour extension on voting hours, from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m.  The Philadelphia City Commission, which runs elections here, opposed the request for an extra hour of voting time, saying the logistics of alerting every polling place in the city were too difficult.

The Democratic City Committee just released this statement from Sam Stretton, the attorney who argued its case in Election Court:  “This is an extremely unfortunate decision by the Board of Elections that will potentially disenfranchise thousands of Philadelphia voters who rely heavily on public transportation and who may not be able to get to their polling places in time as a result of the late, surprise strike called overnight by the largest of the SEPTA unions.”