No public $ for City Council's trip to party conventions

City Council members are showing out in force for this year’s party conventions.

And we here at PhillyClout were curious as to how members were paying for the trip and so we asked.

A majority of Council members dug into their own pockets or used their campaign funds to pay for the trip to the Democratic Convention in Charlotte, N.C. We’re still waiting on responses from a couple of members.

But Jane Roh, Council President Darrell Clarke’s communications director said she was almost certain that none of the members are using public dollars. Those expenditures would have to be approved by Clarke, she said, and “any such requests would be rejected outright by this office.”

There are at least eight members at the convention including Council members Kenyatta Johnson, Curtis Jones Jr., Bobby Henon, Maria Quinones-Sanchez, Cindy Bass, Marian Tasco, Blondell Reynolds Brown and Clarke. Republican Councilman David Oh attended the Republican National Convention last week.