New Life For Kenney's Bill On Residency For New City Employees

It's been seven years since City Councilman Jim Kenney started trying to reverse the way Philadelphia treats potential employees. Instead of requiring city employees to live here for one year before starting work, Kenney wanted to give new hires six months to move into the city after getting the job.  Kenney's proposed legislation, which passed in Council in 2001 but was vetoed by then-Mayor Street, now has new life.  Council's Committee on Labor and Civil Service, which stymied a new version of the legislation just last month, voted unanimously today to support it.

That mean the bill will be heard by the full Council next week and could come up for a vote in two weeks. Unlike Street in 2001, Mayor Nutter backs the idea so it has a good chance of becoming law.  Kenney's colleague, Councilman W. Wilson Goode Jr. had some concerns about the legislation but this week proposed a cure:  In cases where a city resident and a non-resident tie on job tests for a position, the post goes to the city resident.  Kenney thanked Goode today for that idea, saying he thinks it helped move his legislation forward.