Museum of the American Revolution comes to Philly

The Museum of the American Revolution found a home in Philadelphia.

Freshman Councilman Mark Squilla introduced yesterday proposed zoning changes to allow for the construction of the museum on Chestnut and 3rd streets.  

Initially, the museum was going to be built in Valley Forge National Historical Park then it was later bumped to a nearby location – both times it was met with resistance. Finally, the museum found a home in the city’s historic district.

“I’m excited about bringing any type of tourism to the city,” said Squilla. “What better place than where the revolution got started.”

Costs for the $150 million project will be covered in part by a state grant. New York architect Robert Stern will design the museum. Construction is set to start March 2013 with an estimated 2-year completion.

The American Revolution Center, the nonprofit organization creating the museum, will supply artifacts like George Washington’s silver camp cups; letters from Washington, officers and soldiers and a 13-star American flag.  

The museum is expected to bring additional revenue to the city, Squilla said.

“It’s a plus not only for the 1st district, but the whole city of Philadelphia.”