More on Council Members' Summer Plans

We got way more detail from City Council members about their summer plans than we could use in today's PhillyClout newspaper column. So here's a rundown of what members told us yesterday about what they're up to over the three-month summer recess.

Brian O’Neill said he expects to work on the review of the Board of Revision of Taxes. He’s also interested in reviewing the city’s role as a county, and how that affects Philly’s bottom line.

Maria Quinones Sanchez said the summer is a time when she visits recreation centers and attends block parties and festivals. “This is the time when we’re out on the street talking to folks,” she said. Sanchez also plans to take several weeks off to spend time with her ten-year-old son.

Darrell Clarke has a busy summer of community meetings, catching up on constituent concerns after a hectic legislative season. Top on his list: A soon-to-be released plan to bus children in his district from neighborhoods with closed public pools to neighborhoods where pools are open.

Jannie Blackwell was out of the office when we stopped by, at a neighborhood pool opening. Back in City Hall later, working right now on rolling back a new $500 fee for garbage collection for businesses. “It’s a real problem. It’s a real hardship for these small businesses.”

W. Wilson Goode Jr. was not in his office but quickly responded by e-mail, sending PhillyClout a report he is studying on how the city acquires and manages vacant property, a subject on which he introduced legislation earlier this year.

Jim Kenney, who has objected to depictions of Council as loafing at the shore for three months, joked the he would speak up on the telephone if the “seagulls get to loud’ for PhillyClout to hear him. Actually Kenney was in his office yesterday, working on some legislation he plans to introduce after Council reconvenes in mid-September.

Curtis Jones Jr. earlier this week gave a presentation to the city’s Criminal Justice Advisory Board on expanding Philadelphia’s community courts. He said he’ll continue to work on that this summer, as well as knock on doors in his districts to hear the needs of his constituents.

Frank Rizzo said he’s been hitting community meetings and talking to residents – he was at a Bustleton Civic Association meeting Wednesday night. He also said he’d spend some time this summer reviewing the Southport Terminal Project.

Bill Greenlee, who hit a pool opening yesterday, said the summer was a time to catch up on legislative work and constituent services. He said he’s working on several bills this summer.

Blondell Reynolds Brown said environmental issues are a top concern for her this summer. “I am using the summer to research and investigate what new opportunities exist surrounding environmental issues,” she said.

Donna Reed Miller was hurrying through dinner last night before heading off to a community meeting. She plans to work this summer with some activists trying to reduce violence in the city. She will also focus on efforts to create more job opportunities in property development in the city for minorities and women.