Mitt Romney campaign sends some PA staffers to Ohio

Pennsylvania's Democratic and Republican parties put out dueling emails to reporters Tuesday about Mitt Romney's campaign for president in the Keystone State.  First the state GOP issued a press release, pointing to recent news stories to say "Romney seizes momentum in PA."  The Democrats responded 23 minutes later, citing a Daily Caller blog post to ask is "Romney closing shop in PA?"

That Daily Caller story cited a "knowledgeable campaign source" as saying Romney was "diverting substantial resources" from Pennsylvania to Ohio.  The conservative web site noted that Romney spoke of winning Pennsylvania when he visited Philadelphia and Wayne last week.

A Romney campaign source, who would only speak if not identified, told PhillyClout that the campaign is shifting five of 64 staffers to Ohio to help organize efforts with early voting in that state.  The source emphasized that all of Romney's "victory center" offices in Pennsylvania remain open.  The source characterized the staff shift as temporary but could not say when those people would return to Pennsylvania from Ohio.