Meanwhile in Council -- Paid Sick Leave Debate Gets Testy

In the midst of all the hot button issues swirling in City Council today, including funding for the cash-strapped School District, supporters turned out for a controversial bill that would require most Philadelphia employers to provide paid sick leave to workers.

But some folks from Action United, a group that has been vocal in support of the bill, ticked off Councilman Darrell Clarke, a co-sponsor of the bill after they left a mass of fliers at his residence and on his car.

"You bring that to my house. It's personal," Clarke fumed at some Action United members outside of Council chambers. "I sponsored the bill (and) you all are attacking me."

One man in the hall shouted " you need to vote on the bill."

Clarke advised the group to come to his office to chat but said that he didn't appreciate them visiting his home.