McGeehan Bows Out, Calls Council 'No Promotion'

State Rep. Mike McGeehan announced today -- swearing-in day for the state General Assembly -- that he will not run to replace City Councilwoman Joan Krajewski in the sixth Council district.  McGeehan says he spent the last five or six weeks in City Hall, considering the move and then decided to stay with his job in Harrisburg, where he begins an 11th two-year term in the 173rd District.

McGeehan said his decision was not driven by the ability to win support from Democratic ward leaders in the district.  Instead, he said, the time in City Hall made him appreciate the grandeur of the State House. 

"After spending that much time in City Hall, I became convinced that it wasn't a promotion," said McGeehan, who becomes the Democratic House chairman of the Transportation Committee as his party moves from the majority to the minority. "It's like comparing the Ritz to a Motel Six."

McGeehan said he has not decided if he will support another candidate.  Marty Bednarek, appointed a year ago by Mayor Nutter to the Zoning Board of Adjustment, announced last month that he will seek the seat.  Bednarek, who left the ZBA last month, is also a former member of the School Reform Commission and Philadelphia School Board and has served as a consultant to the Board of Revision of Taxes.

UPDATE, 3 pm:  McGeehan's move today prompted speculation that Krajewski might be reconsidering her plans to retire when her term ends in a year.  Krajewski, through a spokeswoman, just said she still plans to retire.