McCain Slams Obama On Phillies And Pie At Rally

PhillyClout correspondent Dave Davies delivers this report from U.S. Sen. John McCain’s rally this morning in Bensalem:

Before a small but enthusiastic crowd at Technology Creativity Manufacturing, McCain took a swing at Obama, who was rooting for the Phillies during a recent visit here but shared the stage with members of the Tampa Bay Rays yesterday at a rally in Florida. “I’m not dumb enough to get mixed up in a World Series between two swing states,” McCain told the crowd.

McCain’s latest stump speech didn’t touch on domestic terrorist William Ayers or ACORN, the association of non-profits accused by many Republicans of engaging in voter fraud. Instead, McCain stuck with the “Joe the plumber” tack, accusing Obama of conspiring to take money and spread it around rather than improving the economy. “He’s more interested in who gets your piece of pie then in growing the pie,” McCain said.

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