Mayor Nutter: City Working On Phillies Rally For World Series

Mayor Nutter was on the phone last night and this morning with Phillies officials, trying to figure out how to squeeze a rally for the team into the schedule before next Wednesday's start to the World Series.  Nutter greeted the team after an overnight flight home this morning. "The hard cold reality is they have to get ready for the World Series," Nutter said. "We'd love to have some sort of celebration.  It needs to work with their schedule."

Nutter heaped praise on the team for their National League Championship Series win against the Los Angeles Dodgers, capped with a victory last night.  "They keep coming back and coming back," Nutter said. "Even if they find themselves in a deficit position, you can’t count them out."

Speaking of deficits, the city's in a bit of a budget hole itself.  Nutter was asked if his administration could take any lessons on how to bounce back.  He told reporters he has a deal with Phillies manager Charlie Manuel and Eagles coach Andy Reid -- he doesn't tell them how to play their games and they don't tell him how to spend the city's cash.