Mayor Accepts Petitions, Disappoints Casino Protesters

Mayor Nutter greeted in City Hall this afternoon a group of community activists protesting a proposed move of the Foxwoods casino to the Gallery at 11th and Market streets.  Nutter personally accepted a foot-tall stack of 23,514 petitions from people who oppose the move.

Harry Leong of the Chinese Christian Church & Center said activists were still gathering signatures, which were coming in at a rate of 5,000 per day.  The protesters are concerned because City Council is expected tomorrow to give final approval to zoning legislation that would allow for a casino at the Gallery if Foxwoods gets a plan of development approved by the City Planning Commission and City Council.

Like other protesters, John Chin of the Philadelphia Chinatown Development Corp. said the casino approval "process is moving way too fast."  They called on Council to delay tomorrow's vote. They also asked Nutter, who favors the Gallery for Foxwoods over a state-approved site on the Delaware River in South Philly, to not sign into law the legislation if Council approves it.

Nutter declined to speculate on what Council will do with the legislation but stuck to his guns on locations. "I do believe that is a better site than the waterfront site," he said of the Gallery.