Mayor Nutter's 2013 vacation mystery solved?

DN: Mayor Nutter's open-door policy has shutters. (Daily News illustration)

Mayor Nutter skipped town mid-July for a more than two week family vacation and when asked where to earlier this week he was mum on details.

It appears though, the mayor and his family were walking the sandy beaches below the "majestic Piton mountains" in St. Lucia, a gorgeous Caribbean island. A reader said his daughter was on the same flight as Nutter from St. Lucia to Miami on July 27. Subsequently, they all boarded a flight from Miami and arrived in Philadelphia later that evening. The reader's daughter snapped a picture of the Mayor waiting to retrieve his luggage in the baggage claim area, sporting a University of Pennsylvania cap, white collared shirt and shorts. 

The Nutter administration declined to comment.

Nutter refused to elaborate about his vacation at a news conference Tuesday where he answered questions about the South Philadelphia explosion that destroyed three houses and injured eight people Monday, the same day the Daily News highlighted Nutter's failed promises of government transparency

We certainly don't knock the mayor for taking a vacation, but if President Obama can provide details pertaining to his out-of-town travels, then certainly the mayor could too.