Mayor Nutter Says He Wants Ramsey To Stay

Mayor Nutter wants Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey to stay in Philadelphia.

Nutter this afternoon responded to news reports that Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey is being courted for top cop in Chicago by new Mayor Rahm Emanuel. Nutter says he understands why Ramsey is a candidate for the job, but stressed that he'd like him to stay put.

"Police Commissioner Ramsey is the best in the country," said Nutter, who wooed Ramsey from Washington, DC over three years ago. "I and we and all of us want him to stay right here."

Nutter said that no formal offer has been made, but he said he understands the sentimental draw for Ramsey to return to his hometown.

"It's a very personal decision about his personal life, his personal career," Nutter said.

The Chicago Sun-Times reported today that Ramsey and Emanuel have spoken about the job. Ramsey told the paper that he's intrigued by the option.