Mayor Nutter Calls Tastykake Sale a Good Deal

Mayor Nutter this morning said the sale of the troubled Tasky Baking Company to Georgia-based Flowers Foods was a positive outcome for the famed city business.

For details on the deal, check out this Inky report here.

"It is a good deal for the company and for their presence here," said Nutter, who has already spoken to Tasty boss Charles Pizzi.

Nutter said it was too soon to talk about how the move might impact local jobs, but he said that Tasty would need the local plant to service Flowers' delivery operation.

"I believe Flowers has four thousand routes and that’s a whole lot of Tastycakes to be going all over the country," Nutter said. "Many other Americans are going to have a Krimpit experience, and there’s really nothing like that."