Matthews for Senate?

This NY Times profile of talk show host Chris Matthews, notes that the local celeb is rumored to be considering a run for Senate. The rumor has been out there forever, but here's what the story says:

"The more intriguing notion is that Matthews could challenge Senator Arlen Specter, who is up for re-election in Pennsylvania in 2010. This has been rumored before, but Matthews has been particularly obsessed with Pennsylvania of late, devoting hours on and off the air to the state’s upcoming Democratic primary, staying in close contact with the state’s party apparatus. “I talked to Eddie Rendell today,” Matthew told me on the phone a few weeks ago, urging me again to call the Pennsylvania governor."

And this:

"I asked him about the Senate rumors. He thinks Specter has hung on way too long, he said, but running would require Matthews to give up a career he loves. Still, “I get a great feeling when I go home,” he told me. “Is Thomas Wolfe right? Can you go home again?""