Managing Director Camille Barnett Leaving Nutter Administration

Philadelphia Managing Director Camille Barnett just tearfully announced in a City Hall news conference that she is leaving Mayor Nutter's administration.  Barnett, who thanked her colleagues in City Hall for their support, said her last day will be June 30. She has no plans right now for what she will do next.

"I first want to tell you I really appreciate what you have done to support me in the last two years," Barnett said. "My experience knowing Philadelphia as the city of brotherly love is true."

Managing Director Camille Barnett

Nutter thanked Barnett for her service, saying: "We have benefited tremendously from her commitment to this city government."

Many of the administration's top officials showed up for this morning's announcement, including transportation chief Rina Cutler, Deputy Mayor for Public Safety Everett Gillison, Health Commissioner Don Schwartz and Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey. 

Barnett kept a low profile in the Nutter administration, unlike previous managing directors who were known to turn up and run the show during major events.  She focused mostly on starting the city's 3-1-1 system and the PhillyStat system for tracking the needs for city services.  Nutter last August said he had purposely spread power through his deputy mayors to allow Barnett to focus on government reforms.  In October, she was away on vacation during the Phillies run to the World Series and the SEPTA strike.

Barnett was hired at $195,000 a year, but was paid closer to $178,555 in 2009, according to payroll records, due to pay cuts taken by top staffers in light of the city's budget crisis. She had the sixth-highest salary in the city, and it was higher than the legally established maximum for the job. Nutter gave her an extra title to get around the cap.