Looking for Love at Budget Workshop

We took in the first citizen budget workshop last night at St. Dominic's School in Holmesburg. More than five hundred people attended the meeting, hosted by the Penn Project for Civic Engagement. The night started with a briefing from city officials on the budget crisis -- the city faces a $1 billion shortfall over five years -- and then broke into small group sessions where participants tried to rank their budget priorities.

One of our favorite thing about the evening was the "Wailing Wall," a board set up in the school auditorium where people could pin notes to the city. Most messages said things like, "Cut Nutter's increasing staff," "No tax loopholes for big corporations," or "Stop letting city employees take city cars home."

But here was the best one: "I would like to meet a good looking single woman my age (68)."

Why solve the financial crisis when you can look for love?