Local Pols Kick Off Fundraiser for Specter

Clout correspondent Dave Davies is over at the fundraiser for Sen. Arlen Specter at the Pennsylvania Convention Center, where President Obama will help the recently converted Democrat stump for cash.

Dave reports that radio personality (and Daily News columnist) Michael Smerconish started the introductions. And Smerconish laid it on thick.

“He’s still tough as nails and nobody has ever owned Arlen Specter. He remains the man for our times,” Smerconish said.

Mayor Nutter took the stage after Smerconish. "We need to send a message to this country that we are serious about Arlen Specter!!" Nutter said.

Gov. Rendell got a laugh from the crowd when he called Specter "the second best District Attorney in the history of Philadelphia." (Rendell also served as DA.)

Obama is excepted to appear soon.

Tickets for the event started at $1,000. Specter left the Republican party to join the Democrats in the spring. He faces U.S. Rep. Joe Sestak in the Democratic primary next year.