Local 98-linked PAC slams Council candidate David Oh

Philadelphia Phuture, a political action committee controlled by John Dougherty, head of Local 98 of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, is out today with a campaign mailing that rips David Oh, a Republican running for City Council at-large.  Local 98 is backing Joe McColgan, another Republican in the five-man race for two at-large seats set aside for members of the minority political party in the city. The general election is next Tuesday.

The two-sided mailing is headlined: "City Council Candidate David Oh: A Reckless Vigilante Unfit for Public Office."  It urges voters to "vote No on David Oh" and to call his campaign to "tell him he's part of the gun problem in Philadelphia."  The mailing, which references Oh's arrest on gun charges, also hits Oh for misleading voters about his military record.  Oh, who called himself a former Green Beret in election materials in 2003, 2007 and this year, never completed the training for the elite U.S. Army force.

You can see the flyer's two sides here and here.  You can also read our original report on Oh's military record along with our report about his arrest. The gun charges were dismissed after a non-jury trial in Municipal Court.

Oh published two full-page apologies in the Daily News for misleading people about his military record but then demanded an apology from the newspaper and claimed the story was overblown.