Local 98-linked PAC continues to rip candidate David Oh

Philadelphia Phuture, a political action committee linked to Local 98 of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, continues to spend big on slamming Republican City Council at-large candidate David Oh in the closing days of the general election.  Local 98 is backing Republican Joe McColgan in the at-large race.

The PAC is robo-calling voters today, hitting Oh for misleading voters about his military record and for an arrest on gun charges in the 1990s that ended with an acquittal after a non-jury Municipal Court trial.

The robo-calls follow a script similar to the 60-second ads Philadelphia Phuture has been running in heavy rotation on KYW Newsradio.  The PAC has also sent out at least two mailings, slamming Oh.  After the jump, you can read the script for the ad, which was titled "Crisis."

Philadelphia Phuture radio ad script:

Disclaimer: Philadelphia Phuture is responsible for the content of this advertising. Paid for by Philadelphia Phuture. It is not authorized by any candidate or candidates committee.

Sound effects (SFX) (light rain, traffic,):

Voice-over (VO): Police shot by reckless criminals. Neighborhoods held hostage by gangs with automatic weapons. Teens gunned down in Center City. Philadelphia has a gun crisis. And City Council candidate David Oh is part of the problem.

(SFX: police radio in background)

VO: The Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News have uncovered disturbing facts about David Oh's arrest on a gun charge. When questioned by Philadelphia newspapers David Oh wouldn't come clean on his arrest record for shooting his gun in the air when undercover police where close by.

David Oh lied about being a Green Beret and can’t remember what happened when he was arrested on weapons charges. No wonder the Philadelphia Fraternal Order of Police withdrew their endorsement, and the Philadelphia Inquirer chose not to support him.

David Oh. Reckless. Arrested on a gun charge. Lying for more than eight years about being a Green Beret. On Election Day, Don’t make Philadelphia’s gun problems worse.

(SFX: (police radio chatter in b/g). Vote No on David Oh. (SFX: police radio chatter, car door slams shut)