Latrice Bryant Goes National -- NPR Show Notes Council Controversy

NPR has taken note of Latrice Bryant's Sept. 18 protest in City Council.

So just how far has the high-profile controversy about Latrice Bryant, City Councilman W. Wilson Goode Jr.'s chief legislative assistant reached, thanks to the media?  How about Guam?  Harry Shearer, the actor, writer, pundit and voice of Ned Flanders on "The Simpsons," mentioned Bryant on the Sunday afternoon edition of "Le Show," his National Public Radio show.  Le Show is broadcast in 26 states and Guam.

Shearer, who has written a couple of books and weighs in regularly on the Huffington Post, took note of the signs Bryant held up during the Sept. 18 Council session.  She was furious with Fox 29 News reporter Jeff Cole for investigating whether she was attending to personal business while logged in as working at City Hall.  Bryant's signs said: "Fox 29 are racist" and "Jeff Cole KKK."  Bryant later apologized but continued to attack Fox 29 News and cite race as a factor.  Fox 29 News then broadcast photos of Bryant and Goode looking cozy during a 2005 vacation in Jamaica.

Shearer speaks with a pretty wry tone but doesn't express an opinion about Bryant, like some other people we know. It's a 60-minute show.  Click here to hear the brief part about Bryant.  Click here to tune in to the whole show.

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