Krajewski Endorses Bednarek For 6th Council Seat

City Councilwoman Joan Krajewski plans to endorse Marty Bednarek in the May 17 Democratic primary election for her Sixth Council District seat, she told PhillyClout this afternoon.  Krajewski had a good laugh at the rumor circulating that she had decided to run for another term.  "Next they'll have me running for president or ambassador to the United Nations," Krajewski joked.

Krajewski, first elected in 1979, had planned to back state Rep. Mike McGeehan for her district seat.  McGeehan this week announced that he was staying in the state House, where he just started his 11th two-year term. 

That would appear to make Bednarek the front-runner in the primary.  Bedarek last month left his post on the Zoning Board of Adjustment to run for Council.  He is also a former member of the School Reform Commission and Philadelphia School Board and has served as a consultant to the Board of Revision of Taxes.

"I think Marty would make a fine legislator," Krajewski said. "He's a good guy, believe me. He’s honest. He's sincere."