Kenney: We're not on a summer vacation

Whatever you do, don’t call it a summer vacation.

In its last session before summer recess, Council Thursday approved a $3.6 billion budget that would delay Mayor Nutter’s property-tax overhaul for a year and increase taxes. Members were making speeches on the floor about a number of issues.

Kenney told his colleagues to have a nice summer before turning toward the press, “And I will say this again because I say it every year…we’re not, press, we’re not on a summer vacation.”

“We’re not off all of July and all of August. We’re at work every single day,” Kenney said.  “I haven’t seen that quote in many stories lately about Council being off for the summer and you know we’re not so thank you for not writing that.”

Council has often been criticized for not meeting over the summer and during weeks of federal holidays. The Pew Charitable Trusts found that Philadelphia City Council has the most weeks in which no hearings or sessions appear on its official calendar compared to City Councils in other large cities.