Karen Brown on Dems & GOP: 'I'm like the Switzerland.'

Karen Brown, the Republican nominee for mayor, appeared last night on a special edition of NBC10's @Issue program.  We haven't found full video of the 30-minute program on the station's website but we did find this two minute, twenty second introductory video about Brown.

A few key talking points for Brown in this video:

"I'm not the typical Republican," said the former Democratic committeewoman recruited this year to run by the Republican City Committee. "And even the Republican Party sees that. I’m like the Switzerland."

And on the local economy: "I think the middle class, which has become the working poor, has to get off its knees and stand up again and take back this city."

Brown scored the @Issue appearance after protesting that the station offered a 30-minute live town hall meeting for Mayor Nutter last month. She then filed a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission and but quickly withdrew it when the station agreed to air the @Issue program at the same hour that Mayor Nutter's town hall event had run.

UPDATE, 5:40 pm: You can find Brown's @Issue appearance, chopped up into segments, on NBC10's YouTube channel.  Scroll down on the left for the segments.  Host Steve Highsmith started by asking Brown about Nutter's response to Occupy Philly on Dilworth Plaza.  Here is her response [with some emphasis added.]

I wouldn’t have done what he did. I know they have a right to be there and I encourage them to assert their Fifth Amendment right. But I would have never given them the opportunity to stay there. Camping out, it’s going to be a bad situation, no matter how you look at it. The longer they stay, the bigger it gets, the harder it’s going to be to remove them.”

View more videos at: http://nbcphiladelphia.com.