Jury Selected In City Hall Corruption Case

A jury was selected this afternoon in the federal corruption case of Chris Wright, City Councilman Jack Kelly's former chief of staff, and three of Kelly's political allies.  The jury of six men and six women, with three female alternate jurors, will hear opening arguments in the case tomorrow morning.

So what do we know about the people considering the fate of Wright, Kelly's one-time campaign treasurer, Andrew Teitelman and two brothers, Hardeep and Ravinder Chawla, who have given him tens of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions.

One of the jurors, during questioning by U.S. District Judge Eduardo Robreno, said serving on the case would be a burden for her.  She also said she had a problem with cases involving wiretaps.  Kelly secretly recorded conversations with Wright and Ravinder Chawla in 2007 for federal investigators, who plan to play them during the trial.

One juror works for a city department while another was formerly employed by the Philadelphia Police Department.  Two jurors have relatives who work in law enforcement. One juror was a defendant in a criminal case more than four decades ago while two others have served on juries before.

Wright is accused of accepting bribes of $1,000, 10 months of free rent for a Rittenhouse Square-area apartment and parking space and free legal services in return for helping the Chawla brothers and Teitelman deal with city agencies and officials.