Judge Orders GOP To Pull Ads In State House Race

Brendan Boyle, the Democrat running for the 170th state House seat, obtained a restraining order today from a Common Pleas Court judge to prevent his Republican opponent, Matt Taubenberger, from continuing to run campaign ads calling Boyle a tax cheat. Judge Gary Di Vito ordered that Taubenberger stop running the ads or distributing any campaign materials making the claim.  He also wants Taubenberger, state Rep. John Perzel [who financed the ads] and the state GOP to collect any campaign material making the claim and deliver them to the court by 8 a.m. tomorrow.

Anyone passing out the campaign material is subject to a $500 fine while Taubenberger, Perzel and the state GOP could be fined $1,000 for each piece of material distributed after the order that continues to make the claim.

Taubenberger based his claim on city records that listed Boyle and his wife as owing property taxes on a rental property they purchased last year.  Those records were incorrect, the city Revenue Commissioner said in a letter to Boyle last week. Taubenberger last week told the Daily News he found the city's explanation "highly questionable and suspect."

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