Judge Denies Fumo Request To Delay Prison For Detox

U.S. District Judge Ronald L. Buckwalter denied former state Sen. Vince Fumo’s request for bail pending appeal or an extension of time to report to prison in a decision handed up this afternoon. Fumo must report to the Bureau of Prisons on Aug. 31 to begin serving a 55-month sentence for his conviction on federal corruption charges.

Buckwalter said Fumo met only two of the prerequisites for bail pending appeal -- that he was not likely to flee and he didn’t pose a danger to the community. But the judge said that wasn’t enough.

Buckwalter said Fumo did “not present any substantial issue for review” by the U.S. Court of Appeals.

Buckwalter said Fumo’s request to delay his report date to prison involved a “need for medical detoxification” prior to entering prison. The judge said he was perplexed why this could not have occurred over the almost 7-week period from Fumo’s sentencing date (July 14) until the report date. Buckwalter said Fumo will hardly be the first person sent to prison with a need for detoxification. The judge said at sentencing he believed the Bureau of Prisons could adequately treat Fumo’s medical issue and noted today that no medical reports Fumo submitted to the court recently changed that assessment.