Johnny Doc's Spokesman Speaks

So former City Paper writer Brian Hickey -- who left to join union leader John Dougherty's failed state Senate campaign -- has now blogged more detailed thoughts on the race.  Sadly, he never really details the "disgusting, all-out smear campaign to keep a good man down," which he promised in an earlier post. It's mostly just ramblings about how the local press ganged up on Dougherty and didn't critically cover the other candidates.

Hickey argues that we spent too much time on Dougherty. But the guy has a long history in this town that reporters have a responsibility to report on. He also says the press didn't report enough on state Sen. Vince Fumo's support of winner Larry Farnese. Which we did.

But he saves the real ammo for how the press never got to know Doc as a person.

The John I got to know over the course of the past two/three months isn't a knuckle-dragging bully. Quite the opposite actually: He's a guy who tirelessly works to make life better for his family, community and, yes, union membership.

Sounds like quite a tale. But not exactly a new one.