Joe Banner Tells WIP: 'I Know I Had A Deal.'

Philadelphia Eagles president Joe Banner took to the airwaves this morning to defend his team in a public relations battle with the city.  The city this week filed motions in the Court of Common Pleas, denying claims from the Eagles that then-Mayor Street signed off on a secret deal to settle a financial dispute.  The city included a sworn statement from Street, saying there was no deal.

On 610WIP Sportsradio this morning, Banner was asked if Street was lying.  "I’d like to say he’s mistaken as opposed to being that provocative," Banner said. "I know I had a deal."

Joe Banner of the Eagles

Banner didn't seem too sympathetic when it was noted that the city is in a serious financial hole while the Eagles seem to be doing quite nicely.  "Listen, they’re not broke," Banner said of the city. "They’re spending billions of dollars. They’re just spending more than they have. Anybody can make that mistake. The city has a massive, massive budget."

To refresh, The Eagles want a judge to force the city to live up to terms the team claims Street OKed in a secret deal years ago to settle a dispute for less than $1 million.  The city said the Eagles owed $8 million in skybox revenue from the old Veteran's Stadium.  The Eagles said the city owed $8 million for a canceled pre-season game at that stadium due to field conditions.

You can listen to Banner's appearance, which is on the station's web site in two parts, here and here.