Jay Z Crowd Boos Nutter

After waiting over two hours for Jay Z, P Diddy and Mary J. Blige to appear at an Obama rally, the crowd up on north Broad Street didn't want any more warm-up acts. So when Mayor Nutter took the stage to introduce the celebs, the crowd gave him a true Philly welcome -- they booed.

But Nutter kept going, encouraging people to vote. "In less than 24 hours we have an opportunity to make history," he said.

Mary J. Blige, P Diddy and Jay Z each spoke individually, all with the same message -- you have the right to vote and you need to, no matter how long the line and no matter who tells you you should go home.

"We have to go out to vote to make a difference," Mary J. Blige said. "Things will not get better unless we do something different."