Is Sam Katz Really Out of the Mayor's Race?

So it was big news last week that Sam Katz -- a former GOP mayoral candidate -- said he would not take on Mayor Nutter in the Democratic primary next year. But is that the end of this story?

WHYY's Dave Davies has an intriguing post on his new blog, questioning whether Katz could oppose Nutter as a Republican during the general election, after another candidate drains Nutter's financial resources during the primary. And Davies points out that the current campaign finance rules could work against Nutter in such a scenario.

From the post, on WHYY's new Newsworks site:

Because city contribution limits are based on a calendar year rather than an election cycle, the mayor can't raise any new money from donors who gave the max during the primary campaign.That could tempt a Sam Katz or somebody else to enter the fall campaign and run up a money advantage on the mayor. Katz hasn't ruled that out.

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