Is Johnny Doc Trying to Use EZ Pass Records to Spy on Rivals?

Was electricians’ union leader John Dougherty trying to spy on his political rivals by seeking their EZ Pass records?

That accusation prompted an angry confrontation between City Councilman Frank DiCicco and Dougherty at a recent caucus of Pennsylvania members of the Delaware River Port Authority.

Last month, Dougherty sought and received some records about fellow DRPA board members who took advantage of a policy, since discontinued, giving them free EZ Pass entry to DRPA-controlled bridges. (Dougherty had declined the free pass.)

DiCicco angrily accused Dougherty of seeking private information to smear his political foes. Dougherty insisted in a letter after the meeting his aim was to “cut costs and increase transparency” by looking into the freebie for insiders.

None of the principals would comment, but Clout spoke to four participants in the meeting and reviewed correspondence generated afterward.

It appears Dougherty never got anyone’s actual EZ pass usage data, but did get a list of those who got the perk and their EZ pass account numbers.

The intriguing question is his motive. If the point was saving money, why go after records of a perk that ended last July? And Clout remembers Dougherty saying in 2005 he’d secured the phone records of another political adversary, City Councilman Jim Kenney.

Dougherty’s letter says he’ll continue his quest for information. Stay tuned...

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