Is BRT Reform Pace Opening Rift In City Council?

A group of City Council members huddled this morning after their weekly caucus meeting, just before the start of their weekly session, to have what appeared to be a debate about reforming the city's Board of Revision of Taxes.  Council Majority Leader Marian Tasco and Majority Whip Darrell Clarke tried to shoo away reporters, claiming they didn't have a quorum of Council present so the discussion was not public.

PhillyClout did a quick head count and found nine Council members -- a quorum -- present in the caucus room.  The debate quickly broke up.

What was all that about?  PhillyClout has a notion that some Council members didn't get the word that their leaders decided after a long meeting yesterday to follow Mayor Nutter's pace on BRT reform.  You can read about that in today's Daily News.